Apt words, texts and verses, hand-written, illustrated and decorated with coloured inks on parchment paper by Bernard Parkin M.A., Grad.Cert.Ed., M.A., presented as bookmarks or manuscripts and also in picture frames hand-made by himself.

Bernard has retired, but as a hobbyist he sometimes sells copies of  his work, and demonstrates his craft, at fairs in Hawes, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire.

Bernard taught calligraphy to beginners at Whitby Evening Institute and at Dubai Arts Centre when he was an English teacher and lecturer, but was self-employed in the world of Arts & Crafts from 1993 until 2022.

He follows the principles of Edward Johnston, C.B.E., in Writing & Illuminating & Lettering.












Bernard can be contacted by telephone or e-mail at bap57uk@yahoo.co.uk.

 Tel: 07973 905012




Colour Landscape Sketches

& Bookmarks for Walkers


Similar to his calligraphy work, Bernard sells colour sketches of landscapes from the Yorkshire Dales

& the 3 Peaks of Yorkshire and Great Britain.

 Alongside these are famous hiking quotations in decorated calligraphy, presented as laminated bookmarks or in hand-made picture frames.


Inky Calligraphy

by Bernard Parkin

a.ka. Cornerstone Calligraphy