Inky Calligraphy

(a.k.a. Cornerstone Calligraphy)

by Bernard Parkin

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Hand-made picture frame


A4, A5, A6: Decorated Manuscripts


Longer Prose Passages


100 A4, (A5,6)   To Risk Nothing 

                           (The greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing...)

101 A4, (A5,6)  Footprints

102 A4, (A5,6)  Death is Nothing at All

                          (I have only slipped into the next room...)

103 A4, (A5,6)  A Family Is  (a deeply rooted tree...)

104 A4, (A5,6)  To laugh often and love much... (RW Emerson)

105 A4, (A5,6)  A 17th Century Nun’s Prayer (...I am growing                 older ...)

106 A4, (A5,6)  What is Dying? (A ship sails...) Bishop Brent

107 A4, (A5,6)  Life (Mother Teresa)

108 A4, (A5,6)  Be the Light that You Are (Mother Teresa)

109 A4, (A5,6)  Love and Go On (Funeral homily) female

110 A4, (A5,6)  Love and Go On - male

111 A4, (A5,6)  Learn the Rules (The Dalai Lama)

112 A4, (A5,6)  My Journey (M. Holmes)


A5, A6: Shorter Passages, Proverbs, Couplets etc..


120 A5, (A6)  Thank You  (for giving me love when I need it...)

121 A5, (A6)  Be still & cool in thy own mind. (G Fox)

124 A5, (A6)  God grant me the SERENITY...etc

141 A5, (A6)  The Gate of the Year (FULL TEXT) ML Haskins

142 A5, (A6)  Together (Native American Blessing)

303 A5, (A6) But they that wait upon the Lord...not faint (Isaiah 40,31)


A4, A5, A6: Structured as Verse


180 A5, (A6)  Take Time (to laugh; It is the music of the soul...)

181 A4, (A5,6)  If a Child (lives with criticism...)

181 *                 An alternating male–female version of this text.

182 A5, (A6)  Irish Prayer (May the road rise with you...)

183 A5, (A6)  Deep Peace to You (...of the running wave...the son of        peace...) Iona Prayer


A4, A5, A6: Poetry


200 A4, (A5,6)  IF 

       (you can keep your head when all about you / Are losing theirs...) R. Kipling

201 A5, (A6)  I Did not Die (Do not stand by my grave and weep...) Author Unknown

202 A4, (A5,6) The Daffodils  (I wandered lonely as a cloud...)  W. Wordsworth

203 A5, (A6)  Cats (sleep anywhere...) E. Farjeon

204 A5, (A6)  Leisure (What is this life if, full of care / We have no time...)  WH Davies

206 A5, (A6)  In a Garden (The kiss of the sun... Verse 1) D Gurney

207 A5, (A6)  Friends (Only good friends with years of trust...)

208 A5, (A6) He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven (Yeats)

209 A4, (A5,6) Remember (me when I am gone away...) CG Rossetti

210 A4, (A5,6)  Home Thoughts from Abroad (Oh to be in England...) R Browning

211 A4, (A5,6)  Ode to Autumn (Keats)

212 A4, (A5,6)  Ozymandias (Shelley)

215 A5, (A6)   Your Wedding (May you always place each others’ needs...) BA Parkin

217 A5, (A6)   The Golden Thread ( you.) BA Parkin

220 A4, (A5,6)  Abou Ben Adhem (Leigh Hunt)

235 A4, (A5,6)  She Walks in Beauty (Byron)

236 A5, (A6)   The Road not Taken (Robert Frost)

237 A5, (A6)   Stopping by Woods on a  Snowy Evening (Robert Frost)


Many more texts than appear in this list have been completed, and exist in Bernard’s collection  - please enquire.

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